Solid Ground Foot Care, LLC
Marcia Rich, RN, BSN, CFCN

Marcia Rich, RN, BSN, CFCN
   Certified Foot Care Nurse

        in the Northeast Twin Cities area

 Medical Nursing Foot Care
Compassionate RN Nail and Foot Care
ToeNail Trimming
Thinning of thick overgrown nails
Callus and Corn reduction
Foot Care Education
Keeping Mobile,
Reducing Pain and Risk
Overgrown, thick toenails can cause pain
and make wearing regular footwear difficult.

Foot pain can limit your ability to ambulate. 

Health issues like diabetes and circulatory problems can further aggravate foot health and invite problems. 

Limitations to eyesight and dexterity can make it difficult and unsafe to care for ones own feet.
Soothing Foot Soak
Foot assessment and brief medical history

Soothing foot soak
Nail Trimming and Thickness reduction
 Trimming of nails
Thinning of thick nails

Minor Ingrown nail care
Callus and Corns
Care and reduction of calluses and corns to lessen pain and pressure
Foot Care Education
Education in preventing foot problems due to diabetes or other health issues
Foot Massage
Gentle foot and lower leg massage with lotion